Sunday, December 2, 2012

~Thrift Store Love~

I live in a beautiful, small (by CA standards) town named Yucaipa with a population of 50,000 residents. The Serrano Indians were the original settlers of this lovely town. They named the area 'Yucaipat' meaning 'green valley'. The town is nestled in the San Bernardino Mountain foothills and sits at a higher elevation than most other Inland Empire cities so there is a sense of clean, fresh air and a rural vibe.

Photo courtesy Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce
Photo courtesy Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce 

Yucaipa hosts many awesome events such as summer Concerts in the Park...

Photo courtesy Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce
The annual Iris Festival... 

Photo courtesy Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce
And the weekly Yucaipa Certified Farmers Market in Historic Uptown Yuciapa...

Photo courtesy Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce
It also features fishing, hiking trails, and summer water slides at the Regional Park.

However, what I love the most about Yucaipa are the 
thrift stores!


A&A Thrift & 'Tiques

Where I live there are no fewer than (count them!) 9 thrift stores within walking distance of my home.

Jewels' Treasures Antiques

Did you get that?  I said WALKING DISTANCE!

The Italian Pickers

Nancy's Second Hand Treasures
I frequent these thrift stores so often that they know me by name and what kind of pieces I look for for my Sweet Macedonia Etsy Shop

Set Free Jesus Hands Thrift Store
 Several of them have my phone number and will call me whenever they get pieces in stock they know I will like.  

Yucaipa Antique Mall

Bargains Galore Thrift Store
    I love thrift stores.  I love browsing.  Looking at furniture.  Imagining what I could do with that funky chair or retro lamp. It stirs my imagination, and the best part is that most items are just a few buck apiece.  How great is that?

Do you have a favorite thrift store?  What has been your greatest find?  How many stores are near your home?

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